“I’m going to ravish you. I’m going to take my time. Slowly. Meticulously. I will bite your neck. I will wrap my hand around your throat. I will slide around and climb on you. Hovering over you momentarily, savoring it. Before I descend onto you.

I will ride you, at my own delicious pace. Taking my time with you. Being careful not to let you cum. I want to use you all day long. I want to cum over and over, as I desire. I will breath into your ear. My tongue will trace it’s edge, and my teeth will nibble on your lobes.

As I near orgasm, I am going to face you, just far enough away that you can’t do anything but watch. Watch as my mouth hangs open as I gasp. Watch as my eyes roll back or glaze over with lust. Listen as I groan and moan, inhaling and exhaling… the sounds of fucking. Me fucking you.

You’ll feel my cum run down your cock, over your balls, and onto your pelvis. That contented sigh you hear will be me. And maybe to tease you further, I might just lick my cum up off you. Off your cock, your balls, your stomach.. wherever my juices have dripped as I rode you.

It’s not as fun when you’re the one who’s handcuffed to the wall and I’m the one in control… is it?”



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