As we lay together after, just touching and being close. The conversation turned philosophical. “Do you ever wonder,” she said “how you’ll know when you’ve met the one?”

“Nah,” I said “I’ll know”

“How will you know?”

“When I look in her eyes, I’ll see utter awesomeness. I’ll see how she looks back at me, and it will be nothing but love. She will be comfortable with me in her most vulnerable moments. She will cry in my arms when she’s weak. She will comfort me when I have sorrows.

She will laugh at my dumb jokes, and be silly with me when we’re old. When she wants to play the ‘ten names of people you can have a free pass’ game, her name will be the one I write ten times, and when she shows me her list, it will ten times have mine.

She will be the one I want to see first thing in the morning, no make up to hide her beauty, exposed flaws and all. She will be the one I want to fall asleep in the arms of every night for the rest of my life. 

The one will sit on the roof with me, she’ll watch the perfect sunset, stay up with me all night, laughing, playing, talking and in the morning, she’ll turn with me and watch the sun rise. The one will ask where the time went and we’ll both know it was time well spent. She will share my hopes and my dreams. The one will stare adoringly in my eyes and give me strength when I’m unsure of myself.

 I will know she’s the one, because those nights, when I’m out with the boys, drinking, playing pool, or cards.. I’ll wish I was with her. I’ll know because when she calls my cell and I see her name pop up, my heart will race. I’ll always answer that call. I’ll know when I hear her voice and feel at home. I’ll know.

The one is the one who will treat me like a prince. She’ll do all this for me, because I will do all of this for her. She will be my princess, and more. I will sacrifice everything, for her. That is how I will know.”

When I finished speaking there was a moment of complete silence.  She turned to me a little and inhaled like she was going to speak. I put my finger on her lips and whispered “Shhh. Let me admire your eyes, and the utter awesomeness I see within them.” 



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